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Top of the Rock

Art Direction, Print, Environmental, Advertising & Digital 
Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Top of the Rock Observation Deck is New York City's top sightseeing attraction. Located in midtown Manhattan at historic Rockefeller Center, the views from the observation deck are unrivaled and offer the best views of New York City from above. 

For the holiday season, and to integrate with Top of the Rock's "What's Your Story" social media campaign, the on-site signage and advertising was given a surprising winter twist. Mimicking the look of messages left on snowy windows, the creative connected visitors with the emotional responses of their fellow patrons to this historic square. To achieve the perfect frosty look required several cans of decorative "spray-snow," a bit of trail and error, a steady hand and the holiday spirit for inspiration. 

Completed at 
The Mixx